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Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 04:28 pm (no subject)
Well. Another day in the life of Ronald B. Weasley, and time to update this thing again.

Since I last updated, alot (as is usually the way) has happened.
Let's think...

Well. When did I last write in here? I cant remember.
So. I got married... me and the wife lady (otherwise known as Hermione J. Granger-Weasley) had our honeymoon in Europe, got my ears almost chewed off by a cursed German hat. That was fun.
Went to hospital to get it removed and wierdly bumped into Penelope Clearwater outside... Er. Hang on. This is sounding really familiar. Im sure I've already said all this already.

Never mind.

In more recent, and much more exciting news!!! (No offence Penny)
Me and Hermione are having a BABY!!
Maybe even two!! They said she had elevated something or others in her blood, or piss or something, which might mean twins.
Bloody hell. Can you imagine it??? Fantastic. I suppose I must have the Prewitt genes for twin making. Or something. We'll see anyway, but BLIMEY. Excitement? Much??

AND!!! To top it all off, Im going to be an uncle as well!!! Harry and Ginny are adopting Ian, that kid from the orphanage too! Good news all round.

Also, Lizzie and Draco's wedding is swiftly approaching, AND the new Quidditch season... and and and. All a bit fantastic really.

Private to selfCollapse )

So yeah. Stuff. And stuff.

Im busy familiarising myself with various dad-like things. Like making stuff, and fixing things. I want to decorate a nursary, and be able to build the babies a tree house, and whatever they want. Not that Im going to put babies, or a baby in a tree. That would be stupid. But yeah. When theyre a bit older, they might want to climb a tree. Or he might. Or. Whatever.
All a bit much really. :)
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Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 11:07 pm (no subject)
You ever go to eat something thinking its something else, and then be really dissapointed?
Yellow crust on plate not cheese afterall.

Harry and I are considering a little trip... dont know. We need to talk about it more, and get the women in on it too.

Hestia got a tattoo! Can you believe it? Its very... hardcore. I told her she can be in mine and Harry's tattoo club now. Ha!

She's doing such an amazing job out there, half way across the world... helping people because she can.

If nothing else, when things like this happen, it makes you realise how fragile humanity is... and. I dont know. Life.

I love you all... and yeah. I want you to know, because, well. You never know whats going to happen.
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Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 02:41 pm (no subject)
[Private to self]

Everyone keeps telling me how ill Hermione is, and although she did say she felt funny the other day, she's not told me what it is. I mean. Maybe she doesnt know... But Im worried.
Really worried. I dont know. Maybe its stupid. Maybe she's just worn herself out? Maybe Im not looking after her well enough? I treated her when she got back from work with a bath and a massage and she really seemed to enjoy it, but I dunno.
I hate this feeling! I wish she'd just figure out whats WRONG!! Or... something.
Oh I dont know.
Im going. Somewhere. For a walk or something.

[/Private to self]
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Mar. 12th, 2005 @ 05:29 pm (no subject)
Went up to Hogwarts with Harry the other night to see Draco. We got outrageously pissed and made fools of ourselves, as always.
It was good to have a drink with Draco... Nice to socialise with that silly sod without the girlies there to keep us in line.

[Private to self]
Only problem is, I got a bit too pissed, and woke up with an evil hang over, and a random phial of dusty potion in my pocket.

I know me and Draco had a slight dissagreement. Fuck knows what it was about, probably nothing important knowing my drunken self...
But yeah. I guess I nicked this stuff to get even with him for WHATEVER.

Part of me feels like I should return it, but then he'd know that it was me who took it in the first place.
He might not even know it's gone yet... And if I admit to it, then he'll hate me.
If I just throw it away, he might think he lost it himself...

I dunno. Im in a bit of a tricky situation. Me and Draco arent exactly solid in the friendship department, and given past indescretions (namely LIZZIE), I feel like I shouldnt be giving him more reasons to hate me.

Who knows? If I dont say anything... the problem might just go away?
Im just confused. I've cocked up and I need to sort it out.
I might go for a walk and think about it.

[/Private to self]
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Mar. 4th, 2005 @ 03:48 pm (no subject)
Me. Oh. My.
Its been OVER A MONTH since I last updated this thing, and you know what? A LOT has happened.
I got a tattoo... actually, did I mention that already? I cant remember its been so long.

I got MARRIED! Yep. Me and Hermione finally tied the knot. We went to Germany for our Honeymoon (her idea!), and I got my ears almost chewed off by a cursed hat.

Also, it was my birthday the other day, and I got pretty wrecked with Harry and... can you believe it... Hermione! Fun times had there.

There seem to be a lot of congratulations in order... Hestia, congrats on getting your medical license back, Draco and Lizzie- congratulations on the engagement, Nate- congrats on the new job and house! That goes to Seamus too. And um... other than me and H, I think thats it?

So much has been going on, as always. Its difficult to keep up in here.
Oh, and then theres all that Thunderstrike business. Plus the Order meeting... Too much to mention for a newly wed with a sexy wife in a very naughty little night dress just feet away...

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Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 08:14 pm (no subject)
What a bloody WEEK!
Can anyone believe we've won the LEAGUE!!?!
For those who dont support or follow Quidditch, well. Sod you.
The Chudley Cannons won the National Quidditch LEAGUE!! Fuck me.

ABSOLUTE Euphoria.

I cant even think of what to say about it all... thinking back, its all just a blur of brooms and balls and... madness. I remember walking onto the pitch, and my arm itching from the scabby tattoo I had done the other week, and I think I had a mini-panic attack that Id forgotton to put any ointment on it before I got changed into my kit. I saw that git Oliver Wood, and I dunno... the itchiness was banished from my mind, and all I could think of, was out-doing that jammy bastard.
And I did!
We all did. We pummled Puddlemere! Well... maybe not pummel as such, but we BLOODY WON!

Quidditchy things aside, things are going ok at the moment. After the flooding in Hogsmeade, I helped clear uop the village as my community service. I also cleared the garden at our Cottage and cleaned the outside of the building. It was pretty hard work, as anyone who's ever lived with me will tell you, cleaning spells arent exactly my strong point. Still. The Cottage is clean, and the garden is... well. Not back to its original glory, but its better. I cleared everything and all that was left really, were the trees and the harder wearing plants. All the roses and flowers were ruined... I remember H used to love them. And our bench was damaged to the point I didnt see the point in reparing it.
Still. Its fitting in a way. Its a new start for the garden, and a new start for us. We can replant things and make the garden our own. I was thinking of putting up another hammock, and planting some nice smelling stuff when it gets a bit warmer, so we can just lay there in the summer and let the smells kind of, you know. Wash over us or whatever.
I dunno.
If anyone knows anything about all that, Id be more than willing to have some help.
Oh, and another thing. Not that Im particularly fussed, but I bet Hermione will be upset when she finds out, all our gnomes died. Good ridance I say, but those little bastards did have character. Treestump has been acting kind of... I dunno. Withdrawn or something lately. Im putting it down to the loss of the gnomes... but who knows. I hope shes not sick.

Anyway. More celebrating to do! Kind of. Seamus and Nate are having people round to meet Shayla, their adopted daughter. Im looking forward to it, but to be honest, Im a little bit unsure as to how it's gonna run. I mean, do you take booze to a kids party? I guess not.
Must get Hermiones guidance on that.
Hopefully Lizzie, Draco, Tonks, Hestia, Harry, Gin and the rest of the crew will be going too... maybe we can all go out afterwards?

We'll see.

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Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 08:35 pm (no subject)
Im a bit. Im feeling a bit muddled. Not in a "my life is crazy, woe is me" way... although I have had my fair shair of those...
Im just. Well.
Im back with Hermione, and things are going swimmingly but... There's still something I need to get off my chest I dunno.
Im happy, and things are good, things are just a bit topsy turvy.

I made a twat out of myself having that fight with Harry and I feel like there's a bit of tension now on the pitch, particularly where a certain Bulgarian is concerned... Plus I've got my community service to do.

In a strange way, its come at the right time really... there are so many people who need help at the moment because of the flooding. Apparently most of the muggles are without eckletricity or fresh water, so Ive volunteered to help in the villages. Its so tempting to use magic, but anything other than minor spells would get their attention, and I cant risk it. Us wizards have it easy sometimes, I tell you.

Oh, and incase anyone didnt know, I got a Cannons tattoo! Go Cannons! So did Harry. We're geeky tattoo bro's now. How cool is that?
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Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 12:36 am (no subject)
Oh my.
What a night.

We heard the weather predictions yesterday, and luckily thought to make some preparations to the cottage when we heard it. We put sandbags and magical seals around the doors and boarded the windows. Just as well really.
Some people didnt. Most people, it seems.
Silly sods.

Mrs Glamorgan down the way didnt make any preparations, and she now has about a 2 foot of water in her cottage.
We're doing all we can for everyone else. Provisions are coming down from Hogwarts, and those who dont have dry beds to sleep in have been invited up to the castle.

I've been out and about, helping clear up some of the chaos. Magically moved some fallen trees earlier with some blokes I know from the Three Broomsticks. It felt good rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in.
Got thoroughly soaked, and I'm knackered right now, but there's still more to do.

It's not like our house is undamaged, though. The garden is a ruined swamp, and the outside of the house is covered in muddy slime from the flood water.

The sky is full of owls at the moment, everyone contacting each other and checking up...
I suppose I should send some owls of my own.

Im just glad I've got Hermione here, and we're both safe.
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Dec. 22nd, 2004 @ 12:06 am (no subject)
Im swinging by the cottage to drop Treestump off with H.
She knows something's up... but at least this isn't the vets or anything...
I hope she doesn't think Im deserting her. Dogs can be funny like that.
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Dec. 21st, 2004 @ 02:14 am (no subject)
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
It's official.

Ronald Bilius Weasley is now a firm believer in Karma.

Next year, I'm giving the kids twice as many presents. And giving money to charity. And... planting a tree.
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